This site is dedicated to the late, greats Arnold V. Lesikar, Albert Einstein, & Baruch Spinoza.
Arnold was a Professor Emeritus of Physics at St. Cloud University & one with the universe.
Once upon a time I stumbled upon a site of Arnold's called Einstein and Religion. I immediately tried to contact the man. It's not everyday you find a physicist, a tenured physicist, who UNDERSTOOD Einstein. Arnold got it. And had the genius to put together the content contained in this site.
Unfortunately, when I tried to contact Arnold I learned that he had died in 2019. I was afraid his knowledge would be lost should the bills stopped getting paid, etc. So I decided to move it here.
Please enjoy the magic of the universe contained herein. And always remember life goes on within you without you. Have fun riding the wave!
This site is technically illegal because Einstein's words are somehow owned by Princeton despite the fact that he's been dead long enough to be classified as public domain as determined in the California court system.
At some point I will replace the site with summaries of thoughts from notable pantheists (including me). This would make it legal. Until then, enjoy these illegal quotes by Einstein collected and verified by Arnold. Stolen by me, Homer.
~ Homer

This site has a structure.
Words by Einstein will be in white.
Words by Arnold will be in blue.
Words by Homer (me) will be in pink.

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I'm changing all pronoun references to God to be it instead of him :-).
Most of the page headers are my own short summary of Einstein's words, not to be misconstrued with Arnold's headers.